You will be introduced to the equipment, learn how to use belays, knots, and top-roping, and get a feel for climbing, the basic techniques, and the climbing environment.

Site: Ste Enimie


Top-roping, leading a climb, knowing the equipment, securing a leader
- installing climber's hooks, carabiners, and a top-rope, learning abseiling techniques (self-securing), and various techniques for moving forward
Site: in the fabulous Tarn Gorges

The Great Routes

La Cazelle offers you trips to the Great Routes in the Jonte Gorges (140 metres). But don't worry – the routes are not for experienced climbers only. On the contrary, they start at level 4 (very easy), with no experience necessary. All you need is a head for heights and the confidence to follow your instructor.

You will need to bring:

Tight-fitting clothes,
A water bottle.


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