Come discover the extraordinary universe of caving with La Cazelle: accompanied and in total safety, using the appropriate techniques and equipment.

The underground world is one of the last virgin territories on the planet, along with the depths of the oceans or space – but more accessible.
Caving is the ultimate adventure. It gives you the frisson of the unknown and the spice of exploration.
It is also a physically demanding discipline, often intensely so and for a long time. But its scientific character is complemented by its athletic, even playful, side, set against the backdrop of a genuine team spirit.


By the day or half-day.
You will be exploring one of the many caves that can be found in the Tarn Gorges, which vary in shape and appearance (chambers, straight and winding passages, shafts, etc.) and the presence or not of water (in the form of torrents, brooks, rivers, gorges, waterfalls, reaches, etc.).
Caving consists of moving forward and crossing obstacles by walking on varied terrain, crawling, swimming, sliding, rock-climbing up and down, and descents and ascents using climbing aids (handrail, safety line, zip-wire, fixed ladders, etc.), depending on the circumstances.


By the day.
You will be exploring the "classics" on the Causses (limestone plateaux). These are generally avens (pitches), which require the use of ropes to descend to the bottom of the chasm, and then again to ascend and exit, but using a different technique. This activity is reserved for those who have already been initiated into rope-work techniques, or those who have attended the introductory session beforehand.

You will need to bring:

In the area's caves, the average temperature is 11° C. Tracksuit bottoms and a light fleece are a good compromise, and well-fitting shoes, such as trainers, hiking shoes or ideally wellington boots.
As these are day trips, we will be having lunch in the cave, for which you will need to bring your own picnic. This will be placed in a waterproof container, which is often knocked about quite a bit during our explorations. We therefore recommend that you take foodstuffs that do not easily squash, burst or mix with others to make an unappetising mush. Good choices are sandwiches and high-energy foods (simple sugars, which are quickly assimilated by the body), such as cereal bars, chocolate, fruit jellies, etc.
La Cazelle can supply you with appropriate picnics for your outing (by prior reservation).

Equipment we will provide:

An overall (like a blue work overall, but improved)
A helmet with a light fixed to it
All the technical gear necessary for your outing (ropes, harnesses, ladders, containers, etc.)


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