Canoeing, kayaking and paddle-boarding are truly original ways of exploring the Tarn Gorges. Drift along while you discover the sumptuous landscape and well-protected environment of the Gorges. During your descent, do stop at one of the many Tarn beaches for a picnic, a tan, a swim, or for doing nothing at all...

La Cazelle offers a number of routes for canoe or kayak trips:

Rental for the full day:
-Sainte Enimie – Le Soulio Duration: 3 hrs Distance: 12 km
-Sainte Enimie - Le Pas de Soucis Duration: 6 hrs Distance: 23 km
Rental for 2 or 3 days:
2 endpoints to choose from: Le Pas de Soucis or Le Rozier, 23 or 50 km.
Accompaniment possible for 1 or several days.
Children's courses (over 3 or 5 days) for 11 years and over.

Paddle-boarding (also called stand-up paddle) is a sport practised standing on a surfboard with a paddle. A completely different vision of the Tarn.
Rental by the hour
Available routes:
Castelbouc -Ste Enimie 7 km
Ste Enimie - Les Fayards 4 km
Accompaniment possible.
Children's courses (over 3 or 5 days) for 11+ years.

You will need to bring:
Swimsuit or trunks, a sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a picnic.


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